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Will You Be My BAE?

Students learn a lot during their time in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. From bioprocessing to data analytics and integrated modeling, the opportunities to learn more about the world around us and to solve the grand challenges of engineering are endless.

But some are lucky to leave with more than a degree. They leave with a State Mate – NC State alumni who met during their time at NC State and built their life and Pack together. Some even find each other right here in the halls of Weaver Labs. Here are just a few of the many Weaver State Mates.

Want to share your Weaver Love Story?

Matthew (BS ’05, PhD ’09) and Lindsay (BS ’05) Jones

A bit of seating magic contributed to Matthew and Lindsay’s Weaver love story. In their BAE 100 class freshman year, Matthew – now a senior associate and stormwater practice group leader with Hazen and Sawyer – was seated in front of Lindsay, who worked as a senior research associate Novozymes North America for nine years. Their senior year they were on the same senior design team, which required a lot of Krispy Kreme runs. One night, Lindsay, Matt and the team went to Krispy Kreme and saw an employee throwing out a bag full of donuts while waiting. The industrious students asked if they could save the donuts and brought them back to Weaver Labs. There were hundreds of donuts for all back in the senior design room, where Matthew says they stayed around much longer than they should have. The rest is history.

James (BS ’10) and Alysondria Eason (BS ’11, MS ’12)

James and Alysondria Eason were in different graduating years but they met in Weaver Labs. Alysondria, who works as a senior principal engineer at Hazen and Sawyer, says that James, currently a senior project manager for McAdams Company, would help her with homework. They married in 2015.

“Dr. Boyette was the first person to “figure out” we were dating even though we tried to keep it quiet. When we were married Dr. Boyette came and danced the night away with us! He will forever be an integral part of our family.” – Alysondria Eason