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Alumnus Featured on Farms, Food and You podcast

The pork you had for dinner last night? Farmers began working on it a year ago. But much has changed since then. The first episode of Farms, Food and You, a podcast series from NC State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, looks at how slowdowns at processing plants could affect farmers and consumers for months to come. Listen to the podcast here.

Head and shoulders photo of James Lamb inside a pig barn
James Lamb

James Lamb has been a farmer since he was 16, when he stepped up to operate his family’s small farm when his father died. He managed to keep up with his studies, went on to NC State and earned a bachelor’s degree in biological and agricultural engineering. The rural life in his hometown, Clinton, called him, and he took a job with Prestage Farms. In that role, he helps farmers comply with regulations aimed at protecting the environment. Along the way, he opened his own pig nursery, where he receives newly weaned piglets and transitions them from drinking milk to eating solid food.