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Student Spotlight: Clay Honeycutt

Clay Honeycutt has made an impact during his time at NC State. So much so, he was awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senior Award in Community Engagement.  Through his role as a Park Scholar, his leadership in North Carolina FFA Association, and continued service as a volunteer firefighter, he has carried NC State’s Think and Do attitude with him to positively impact his surroundings. He graduated with a degree in biological and agricultural engineering technology and a minor in agribusiness management. He has accepted a full-time position as Field Manager with GroundTruth Ag, a startup in Raleigh focusing on artificial intelligence and soil health.

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Clay Honeycutt

What organizations were you a part of when you attended NC State?

At NC State, I was a Park Scholar where I served as co-director of the Park Peer Mentor program, a freshman retreat facilitator, and a civic engagement initiative facilitator. I served as the Vice-Chair of the Young Farmers and Ranchers this past year. I also served as a representative to the Agri-Life Council. For three years, I interned as a program assistant with the North Carolina FFA Association. I also volunteered with the Spivey’s Corner Volunteer Fire Department and Ligon Magnet Middle FFA chapter on several occasions throughout my college career.

What drew you to the department and your major?

I grew up on a small family farm in Sampson County, NC. I developed a passion for agriculture early on, however, I knew that I did not want to farm as a career. I knew that I wanted a career in the agricultural technology industry and the BAE department seemed to be a perfect fit. I met with Dr. Hale my freshman year to discuss my career goals and decided I wanted BAE to be my new home away from home. I have enjoyed the close-knit family atmosphere that is found in Weaver Labs.

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What have you learned from your time at NC State and in the department that you will take with you?

At NC State, I learned that it is acceptable to fail. Until college, I always thought that failure would only harm you and would not provide any life lessons. I encountered several obstacles my sophomore year that I thought would alter my undergraduate experience. However, with the support of the BAE department, Park Scholarship office, and various campus resources, I overcame my obstacles and completed my time at NC State with honors. Just because life knocks you down, doesn’t mean that you cannot get back up and strive to be the best version of yourself.