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Dr. Youssef Named Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed Youssef, who just received the news that he has been promoted to professor. He was visited by NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Richard Linton and College of Engineering Senior Associate Dean Harry Daniels delivering the great news.

Dr. Youssef is an internationally recognized expert in the area of agricultural water management with over twenty years of experience. His research focuses on effective agricultural water management for facing the grand challenge of feeding the increasing population of the world despite the continuous decline in agricultural land and water resources. His innovative research has a significant impact on increasing crop production resilience to climate change and variability and reducing the transport of nutrients and sediment from agricultural lands to receiving surface waters. His recent transformative research led to the development of smart, sensor-based irrigation and drainage systems for optimizing crop production with the goal of increasing crop yields while minimizing water use and protecting water quality. Dr. Youssef has made significant contributions to the area of agricultural and forest ecosystems modeling. He developed and led the development of several computer simulation models (DRAINMOD-NII, DRAINMOD-DSSAT, DRAINMOD-FOREST, and DRAINMOD-GRASS) that are widely used to simulate the hydrology, biogeochemistry, and vegetation growth and productivity for agricultural and forest ecosystems on poorly, or artificially drained, shallow water table soils. Since joining NC State University, he has established a strong and well-funded research program. Dr. Youssef has received numerous research grants totaling over $7.0 million, and authored and co-authored over 100 referred journals articles, book chapters, and conference papers.