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Senior Design: Tackling Real World Problems

NC State’s motto is Think and Do. There’s a lot of that going on every day in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. And the Senior Design Program is no exception. Students in the Senior Design Class of 2018 presented their final Senior Design projects on April 26 to cap off a full year of work on their chosen topic. Each year, seniors group up to tackle a problem in the field of biological and agricultural engineering. Dr. Mike Boyette and Dr. Mari Chinn lead the program. This year, each senior group had an industry sponsor in addition to their faculty sponsor. Read more about the decades long tradition here.

The project topics vary widely, typically covering all four of the concentrations in the department: agricultural engineering, ecological engineering, environmental engineering and bioprocess engineering. Last year the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences featured a group that worked to renew a wetland by building a stormwater wetland and solar-powered pumping station on Harkers Island. The project topics this year are equally impressive.


Senior Design 2018

Group 1

Streamlined Bioretention Monitoring System

(Eaddy, Healy, Sexton, Vega, Winter)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Bill Hunt

Group 2

Tilapia Aquaponics

(Marcus, Nichols, Smith, Wilcox)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steve Hall

Group 3

Wetland Restoration at Pocosin Lakes

(Bottorff, Kabrich, Knuckley, Tharrington)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mike Burchell

Group 4

ASABE 2018 Fountain Wars

(Almashni, Bowman, Mohney, Morrison, Way)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chadi Sayde

Group 5

Floating Wetland at Lake MacGregor II

(Ballard, Fasking, Magoon, Smirne)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mike Burchell

Group 6

ASABE 2018 Quarter Scale Tractor

(Everhart, Jones, Pierce)
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Grant Ellington and Mr. Edward E. Godfrey III

Group 7

Biomass Ensilage Processing Vessel

(Hill, Navin, Ritter, Robertson)
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Matthew Whitfield and Mr. Edward E. Godfrey III

Group 8

Pine Straw Mulch Processing

(Cauthen, Cranfill, Greeson, Marsh, Parker)
Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Justin Macialek

Group 9

Residential Greywater Reuse System

(Flint, Knab, Najafian, Zhang)
Faculty Sponsors: Drs. Praveen Kolar and John Classen