Mahmoud Sharara

Assoc Professor

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Dr. Mahmoud Sharara received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Arkansas with the support of the University of Arkansas Doctoral Academy Fellowship. He was a postdoctoral research associate and an assistant scientist at the Biosystems Engineering Department and the Wisconsin Energy Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Sharara joined BAE in August 2018.


Ph.D. 2015

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

University of Arkansas

M.S. 2010

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

University of Arkansas

Research Description

Dr. Sharara’s research focuses on investigating pathways for the sustainable management of agricultural waste and byproducts to generate value-added products and reduce agriculture-related impacts on ecosystems. His research incorporates the use of field studies, process modeling techniques, techno-economic assessment (TEA), life cycle assessment (LCA), and spatial optimization tools to guide the development and adoption of sustainable waste management practices and technologies.

Honors and Awards

  • University Faculty Scholar,
  • Goodnight Early Career Innovators Award,
  • BAE Outstanding Extension Specialist,
  • BAE Outstanding Young Faculty,


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A Framework to Enhance NC??????????????????s Natural Resources Through Sustainable Manure Nutrient Cycling and Export
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Removing Ammonia Contamination from Biogas Feedstock
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Improving Lagoon Sludge Management in Lagoon-Sprayfield Swine Production Facilities (Farm Bill)
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Developing Recommendations for Calf and Cow Mortality Composting in North Carolina
North Carolina Dairy Producers Association (NCDPA)(3/01/21 - 2/29/24)
FACT: Pigs, Poultry, the Planet, and Data-Driven Problem Solving (P4)
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