Praveen Kolar


Dr. Praveen Kolar  has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (Sri Venkateswara University, India), masters’ degrees in Aquacultural Engineering and Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology and Louisiana State University) and a Ph.D in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia. He had also worked for seven years in aquaculture industry in India, during which, his responsibilities were aquaculture water quality management, processing of seafood, and feed distribution. His current research interests include conversion of agricultural wastes into energy and value added products including heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbents. Kolar teaches courses in Food Process Engineering and Heterogeneous Catalysis.

He has professional memberships in the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).


Ph.D. 2008

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

University of Georgia

M.S. 2004

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Louisiana State University

M.Tech 1995

Aquacultural Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology

B. Tech. 1991

Civil Engineering

Sri Venkateswara University, India

Research Description

Catalytic Conversion of Animal Manure into Biochar and Liquid Oils, Catalytic Oxidation of Lignin Into Value-Added Aromatics - CBERD Core Project, Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Swine Facilities via Adsorption: Technical and Economical Evaluation, Manure Belt Collection System and Energy Recovery System, Modeling Airflow in the Brooks Gasification Process, Spawning Activity of Mud Minnows (Fundulus heteroclitis) in Tank-based Systems for the Production of Baitfi,


Poultry Litter Physiochemical Characterization Based on Production Conditions for Circular Systems
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Can Biochar Improve the Sustainability of Animal Production?
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Effect of Surface Modification by Oxygen-Enriched Chemicals on the Surface Properties of Pine Bark Biochars
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Nitrogen-doped biochars as adsorbents for mitigation of heavy metals and organics from water: a review
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Shah, S. B., Earnest, K., Oviedo-Rondon, E. O., Kolar, P., & Singletary, I. (2022), APPLIED ENGINEERING IN AGRICULTURE, 38(2), 375–386.
A review of the impact of environmental factors on the fate and transport of coronaviruses in aqueous environments
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Characterization data of N-doped biochars using different external nitrogen precursors
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Effect of surface modification by nitrogen-containing chemicals on morphology and surface characteristics of N-doped pine bark biochars
Kasera, N., Hall, S., & Kolar, P. (2021), JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, 9(2).
Exploratory analysis of Spirulina platensis LB 2340 growth in varied concentrations of anaerobically digested pig effluent (ADPE)
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Pretreatment of Switchgrass for Production of Glucose via Sulfonic Acid-Impregnated Activated Carbon
Ansanay, Y., Kolar, P., Sharma-Shivappa, R., Cheng, J., & Arellano, C. (2021), PROCESSES, 9(3).

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