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Professor Emeritus


Dr. Gregory Jennings, P.E., joined NC State in 1990 as an Assistant Professor. He progressed through the academic ranks and was named Professor in 2001. Over his career at NC State Dr. Jennings made significant contributions in the areas of water quality, watershed management, stream restoration, and ecological engineering. He served as Water Quality Coordinator for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, in which role he coordinated interdisciplinary water quality educational and research programs. Dr. Jennings also led the development of the NCSU Stream Restoration Program, probably the pre-eminent program across the United States, that has educated both students and professionals through delivery of education programs based upon research conducted at NC State and elsewhere.

Dr. Jennings chaired 9 PhD and 21 Masters’ committees and served on graduate committees for 55 other students in programs across 5 universities. He developed or co-developed 4 courses in 2 programs in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering in the areas of environmental and ecological engineering and implementation. Dr. Jennings has published 44 peer-reviewed journal articles and is lead author or co-author of 9 book chapters. He has served in several leadership roles in North Carolina Cooperative Extension including Neuse Education Team Coordinator and Watershed Education Network Coordinator. He was also a Governor’s appointee to the NC Environmental Management Commission and the NC Sedimentation Control Commission, and was a member of the NC DENR Science Advisory Committee. These appointments show the recognition of his programs at a high level. His leadership and committee work extended to the national level, serving our professional society, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), and committee work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Jennings has been recognized as an ASABE Fellow, been awarded the G.B. Gunlogson Countryside Engineering Award through ASABE, and received the NC Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists Award, 4 times. Several team or program awards have been received in which he provided leadership.

Dr. Jennings is an authority on stream restoration practices and a sort after consultant by environmental engineering firms and contractors. Dr. Jennings is still involved with our stream restoration program and Bio & Ag training and workshops. Please see our workshop pages for courses

Noteworthy: Jennings  Gregory Jennings served as Water Quality Coordinator for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Area(s) of Expertise

Research interests: Stream restoration and water quality


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