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Student Finalist at Virtual Student Poster Symposium


Graduate students presented virtual student poster session hosted by the American Ecological Engineering Society (AEES). This online event was held to support student AEES members as they seek to enter into a career that makes an impact. Their presentations can be viewed on the AEES virtual symposium site.

  • The Fate and Transport of Novel Coronavirus in the Urban Water Cycle: A Review – Diplina Paul (view here)
  • Bivalve Colonies as a Self-sustained Scour Mitigation Method: Assessing their Effects on Sediment Erodibility – Joanna Quiah (view here)
  • Mapping floods with forests: Creating time series flood maps through Random Forest modeling – Emine Fidan (view here)
  • Performance of stormwater bioretention mesocosms amended with biochar and fungi – Caleb Mitchell (view here)
  • Walnut Cove Treatment Wetlands: A wetland rejuvenation case study – Brock Kamrath (view here)
  • Enhanced monitoring of a Regenerative Storm Water Conveyance System – Implementing Pulse Heated Fiber Optics to Uncover Flow Paths and Groundwater Interactions in RSC’s – Thomas DeBell (view here)


Current PhD student Diplina Paul was recognized as a finalist in the American Ecological Engineering Society Virtual Poster Symposium. Diplina’s presentation, “The Fate and Transport of Novel Coronavirus in the Urban Water Cycle: A Review,” was co-authored by associate professor Praveen Kolar and assistant professor Steven Hall.

In her review, Paul found that the fecal-oral pathway is a probable means of waterborne transmission of novel coronavirus. This can either be through the leakage of sewage pipes or floor drains containing discharge from those who are infected. Possible solutions include decentralized wastewater infrastructure for hotspots (such as hospitals) and a better understanding of the efficacy of emerging disinfection technologies for coronavirus inactivation. Her full presentation can be viewed here.

Recent NC State BAE graduate Dani Winter, who is pursuing her PhD at Purdue, is another finalist for her project, Designing Higher Denitrification Capacity into Riverine Floodplain Restoration.

All three finalists will present a lightning talk at the AEES annual business meeting on June 11.