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Graduate Student of the Week: Rebecca Hatley

Arlington, Texas

Undergraduate Degree
Geology, Oklahoma State University

Who is your advisor and what are you studying?
Drs Castro-Bolinaga and Sayde; My research project involves using fiber optic cables to collect real-time scour data around bridge piers to validate 2D models.

What first made you interested in this field?
I have always been fascinated by how the world works. When I was studying geology, I learned that I loved how dynamic rivers are and how they change the landscape around them. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in biosystems engineering because I wanted to be involved in the design of stream projects.

What do you like most about BAE as a field or the department?
My favorite thing about the BAE department is how interdisciplinary it is. Coming in as a non-engineering student, I thought I would feel out of place, but because biosystems is so broad, I have been able to see how my geology knowledge can be a good resource to have.

What is a little known or fun fact about you?
I started a football kicker appreciation club, called the Extra Point Club, my freshman year of college at OSU.