Congratulations to Dr. Mike Boyette | 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Mike Boyette was selected as the University’s 2019 Outstanding Teacher and will become a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers.

A member of the department since 1983, Boyette began his time in BAE as an extension specialist. He became an assistant professor in 1990, an associate professor in 1996 and was named professor in 2001.

Since 2001 he has led the department’s capstone engineering course as well as courses in postharvest handling and the history and policy issues of agriculture. BAE’s senior design class, co taught with Dr. Mari Chinn, provides students with the opportunity to put what they’ve learned in the classroom to work and design real world solutions for real world problems. In 2018, two NC State BAE Senior Design groups were awarded 1st place in design competitions at the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting.

Dr. Mike Boyette and the nationally recognized Senior Design Team.