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Graduate Student of the Week: Sara Donatich


South Huntington, New York

Previous degrees?

BA in Environmental Science at Barnard College of Columbia University

Who is your adviser and what are you studying?

I am working with Dr. Barbara Doll to evaluate the degree to which a stream restoration functional assessment tool developed for North Carolina accurately detects and quantifies functional uplift of stream restoration projects.

What first made you interested in this field?

I previously worked for the Natural Areas Conservancy, a non-profit partner of the NYC Parks Department, where I led a field team in: developing and implementing a rapid assessment protocol to characterize stream conditions; groundtruthing NYC’s hydrography and freshwater wetland maps; identifying core indicators for stormwater impacts; and identifying stream, riparian, and freshwater wetland restoration opportunities. This project led me to pursue research in stream restoration and my masters in biological and agricultural engineering at NC State.

What do you like most about BAE, the department, Weaver labs?

Lunch at the picnic tables and the community coffee pot.

What is a little known fact about you?

I enjoy eating red bell peppers like apples.