BAE Holds First Annual Three Minute Thesis

The Three Minute Thesis is an annual competition held at universities worldwide. It challenges graduate students to explain their thesis in three minutes or less using one static slide. The Graduate School at NC State held its 3rd Annual Three Minute Thesis this year. But for the first time, BAE held its own version of the event. This time, faculty were placed on the hot seat and challenged to explain their research in three minutes or less.

The event was organized by the BAE Graduate Student Association and the NC State ASABE student group.

“The first annual  Three Minute Thesis Competition was a great opportunity for faculty to leave the office for a bit and engage in some friendly rivalry,” explains Alex Greeson, president of ASABE. “Our goal in forming the event was to allow students to hear about current research projects in the BAE department, but I think it was a great way for the faculty members to provide an update on each other’s projects as well.”

Voting to award first, second and third place was conducted by students and staff.

“It was unique to judge faculty as a student, but the score sheet offered an objective set of categories to rank each individual contestant.”

After a rigourous morning of competition, votes were cast.

Dr. Mike Boyette was voted first place. Dr. Praveen Kolar won second place as well as People’s Choice Award, and Dr. Mike Burchell was awarded third place.

“Although it was a competition, I hope that participants and spectators were able to learn more about each other, and gain a stronger sense of connection with the BAE department,” notes Greeson.

Watch the BAE Faculty Three Minute Thesis on the BAE Youtube channel at