BAE Student Featured Among Outstanding CALS Grads

Coming to NC State, Kelly Harris had a pretty good idea of what she wanted her future to look like.

“I wanted my career to have a direct interface with nature and my classes to teach about topics such as biology, soil science and ecology,” says Harris, who is earning a bachelor’s degree in biological and agricultural engineering with an environmental concentration and a minor in applied ecology.

Kelly Harris“After attending an information session for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering … I realized it offered exactly what I wanted to learn,” says Harris. “Looking back as a graduating senior, I absolutely made the right choice and could not imagine myself being as happy or prepared to solve environmental problems with any other degree.”

Along the way, the Goodnight Scholar was able to take part in undergraduate research in the stream restoration lab and participate in field work researching water quality. But she cites Alternative Spring Break as the most impactful. She has traveled to Costa Rica to learn about sustainability and ecotourism, and also to Trinidad and Tobago on environmental service and education trips.

Whether she was halfway across the world or participating in research on campus, Harris believes NC State provided her with the tools to convert her ideas and passions into real-world results.

“The education provided here is incredible – I feel extremely ready to have a successful career and life. “ ‘Think and Do’ describes NC State perfectly, and that is a saying I will take with me wherever I go.”

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