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BAE Newsletter and End of Year News Roundup

As the year winds down, let’s take a look at some of the recent news from the department.

  • Our new BAE Newsletter has now been released! Click on the following link for the electronic copy:
  • Dr. Mike Burchell and others from partner organizations were featured in the WRAL documentary Sea Change. Watch the full documentary here.
  •  Members of the NC State BAE Stormwater group, led by Dr. Bill Hunt, met with Representative David Price and conducted a demonstration on permeable pavement on Centennial Campus.
  • Dr. Ling Wang-Li was nominated and elected to the Board of Directors of the International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare (IRCAEW).
  • A project from the BAE senior design program was featured in the NC State Sustainability Report for their work on Harkers Island. The Senior Design program as a whole was featured CALS news.
  • When a western NC farmer needed help keeping her tomato harvest fresh, she called on NC State Extension, who then tapped Dr. Mike BoyetteRead and watch how they came to a solution.
  • Dr. Barbara Doll is taking on efforts to mitigate flooding among partners including North Carolina Sea Grant.
  • How is BAE working to tackle some of the grand challenges of engineering? See how Dr. François Birgand and Dr. Mike Burchell are taking on the challenge.

The most recent issue of CALS magazine is full of BAE students, alumni, and faculty:

  • Graduate student Simon Gregg was featured as a student research leader in a CALS video.
  • Alumni Brandon Batten was featured in an article for his innovative automation.
  • With new leadership comes new ideas and perspective. Dr. Garey Fox was highlighted as one of the new CALS department heads.
  • Dr. Bill Hunt is collaborating on a recently awarded grant with colleagues at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to create a Stormwater Asset Management and Maintenance Exchange Program. This exchange program will provide an opportunity for BAE students and faculty to visit Norway and also for NC State’s BAE program to host faculty and students.
  • Reminder that abstracts for presentations for the upcoming ASABE Annual International Meeting in Detroit at the end of July/early August are due on January 3rd
  • Check out our Twitter page (@NCState_BAE), Facebook page (, or Youtube channel ( On these sites you can learn more about our recent 3-Minute “Faculty Thesis” Competition, see videos of our new “This is My Office” video series, and hear from our two recent BAE Distinguished Alumni Award winners.