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President, Mike Franklin Consulting


Dr. Mike Franklin has 40 years of experience in the fields of Analytical Chemistry (Measurement Science), Scanning Electron Microscopy, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science. He currently has a consulting services and contracts with  Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International,Center for Aerosol Technology, RTP, NC  and has been involved with projects for GlaxoSmithKline and GlaxoWellcome for 15 yrs. Franklin has been an assistant professor at the University of Missouri Mo. and pediatric instructor at the University of Colorado. He got his start in the U.S. Army NASA program working on spectrochemical analysis and instrumentation development for materials science/metallurgy during the time of the U. S. Space Apollo Program. He holds 8 patents and 23 publications and speaks frequently. Franklin has served on the NC State Bio & Ag advisory committee for several terms and is an active champion of early science education throughout the RTP area.


Ph.D. Analytical Chemestry University of Ilinois 1969

M.S. Chemistry University of Ilinois 1966

AB with Honors Chemistry Indiana 1964