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Lirong Xiang


Dr. Xiang is the Principal Investigator of the Automation and Robotics Lab in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University and affiliated with N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She received her Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from Iowa State University and her B.S. degree in Biosystems Engineering from Zhejiang University. Dr. Xiang works on agricultural robotics, 2D & 3D computer vision, and machine learning. During her Ph.D. program, she has developed robotic and automated systems for both indoor and in-field plant phenotyping applications. Dr. Xiang joined BAE in August 2022.


B.S. Biosystems Engineering Zhejiang University, China 2017

Ph.D. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Iowa State University, USA 2022

Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Xiang's research mainly focuses on developing smart cyber-physical systems that integrate cutting-edge robotics, machine vision, and machine learning technologies to automate labor-intensive tasks in agricultural systems. The research topics include but are not limited to: developing robotic platforms for weeding, transplanting, and selective harvesting; adopting AI and robotics tools for precision livestock management; and combining aerial and ground robots for in-situ and non-invasive crop sensing.


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