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Research Shop Approved for Apprenticeship Program

The Research Shop recently received notification they were given provisional registration into the Apprentice Training program with the North Carolina Community College System and ApprenticeshipNC. Research Shop supervisor Neil Bain answered questions about the new program and what this means for their operations.

What is the Apprenticeship Training program and how did The Research Shop become involved?

The Apprenticeship program is administrated by ApprenticeshipNC, the NC Community College System and the NC State BAE Research Shop, also known as the sponsor. The program ensures the education and training of all participants so that the State of NC can show companies looking to relocate to our state that we can provide well trained candidates for employment. The Research Shop has started an Apprenticeship for two reasons; to cross-train Joe Blalock as a machinist and to ensure the Research Shop can train future employees if necessary. The Research Shop program officially started on April 6, 2022. 

Who on staff are certified to be mentors and what is their area of expertise?
Robby Hickman and I are both qualified as mentors. We both completed apprenticeships as Tool & Die Makers. The program recognizes certified journeymen or any employee with a minimum of 10 years of verifiable work experience in our trade to be mentors.
How does this impact future employment opportunities in The Research Shop?
It provides us the option to train a future employee as opposed to hiring an employee with experience. In the future, the Research Shop will probably require applicants for employment to have completed an apprenticeship.