Pack Pullers Compete in the 2022 International Quarter-Scale Tractor Competition

Earlier this month, the NC State Pack Pullers traveled to Peoria, Illinois to compete in the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) 2022 Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition.This year marked the competition’s 25th anniversary and the return to an in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic.

Though the competition, students are challenged to design a commercial scale tractor using a specified stock engine and utilizing their knowledge of design fundamentals. Through the competition, students also gain practical experience by manufacturing and presenting their own designs while leveraging communication, team work and time management skills that continue serve them as they enter the workforce.

Pack Pullers spent four days presenting and demonstrating their tractor design to a panel of industry experts that judge each design on innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, safety, sound level and ergonomics. The team placed first in durability, third in performance, fifth in maneuverability and sixth overall.

“This student design competition remains extremely difficult and requires a significant time commitment and attention to details to finish in the upper tier of schools competing,” says Extension Associate Professor and Pack Pullers advisor Grant Ellington. “The students that get involved gain some of the best hands-on and real-world experiences that truly supplements their formal engineering and technology education. Building upon success over previous year tractors and the most recent performance evaluation, the team is moving forward with a vehicle platform that will remain very competitive. More importantly, most of the team members that participated in the competition are returning for next year and have a better understanding of what it takes to finish first!”