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Celebrating Faculty Promotions

Congratulations to Dr. François Birgand, Dr. Praveen Kolar, Dr. Barbara Doll and Dr. Grant Ellington on their recent promotions.

Dr. Birgand and Dr. Kolar were recently promoted to professor. Dr. Doll and Dr. Ellington were recently promoted to extension associate professor.

Dr. François Birgand


Dr. François Birgand is a professor and university faculty scholar specializing in hydrology and ecological engineering. He directs the Biogeochemistry and Ecological Engineering Water lab where we try to improve the treatment efficiencies of streams, wetlands, soils, or woodchip bioreactors.

Dr. Praveen Kolar


Praveen Kolar’s research interests include the conversion of agricultural wastes into energy and value-added products including heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbents. Kolar teaches courses in food process engineering and heterogeneous catalysis.

Dr. Barbara Doll

Extension Associate Professor

Barbara Doll is an extension associate professor in BAE and is the North Carolina Sea Grant Water Protection and Restoration Specialist. Her research specialties include nonpoint source pollution prevention and treatment, restoration ecology, stormwater management, stream assessment, and sustainable landscaping.

Dr. Grant Ellington

Extension Associate Professor

Grant Ellington is an extension associate professor with research interests in technologies to improve the energy efficiency in flue-cured tobacco.