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What Can You Do With A Degree from BAE? Hear from our alumni.

A degree in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) opens doors. The department – recently ranked #6 nationally for its undergraduate program – provides students with personalized attention from world-class faculty, with all of the resources that NC State University has to offer. Jointly administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering, students in the department can truly experience the best of both worlds here at NC State.

Take on a challenging senior design project, dive into undergraduate research, study abroad, gain leadership skills as an officer in a student club, or take on a challenging internship. It’s all waiting for you right here.

Alumni of both the biological engineering program and the biological and agricultural engineering technology program go on to make a difference in our world to sustainably provide food, water, energy and fiber to our growing world. Hear from our recent alumni and see the career paths they’ve launched with a degree from BAE.

Kaitlin Perkins
Class of 2019

Bachelors in Biological Engineering, Bioprocessing Concentration

Kaitlin Perkins is a Rotational Development Program Associate at Pfizer.

I am in Pfizer’s 2-year engineering rotational program, which provides accelerated training in the Pharmaceutical Operations field as well as key personal, professional, and leadership development. I will have a total of 4 rotations, each lasting about 6 months. Currently I work as a Validation Engineer and am responsible for ensuring that the site’s manufacturing equipment is maintained in a qualified state.

Alex Greeson
Class of 2018

Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Engineering, Agricultural Concentration

Alex Greeson is a Design Engineer at John Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation.

I work on a team that designs excavator cooling packages, after-treatment devices, and sheet metal components surrounding the engine. I must carefully consider the safety, functionality, and manufacturability of each component that I create. The real world engineering problem solving taught in BAE prepared me well for my career at Deere-Hitachi, and I regularly reference material and memories from my BAE courses.

Lauryn Kabrick
Class of 2018

Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Engineering, Ecological Concentration

Lauryn Kabrich is a Water Resources Designer at McAdams.

McAdams is a civil engineering and land planning firm, with development projects spanning residential, energy, university, commercial, and other sectors. I work in the Water Resources department, primarily specializing in stormwater management, flood studies, and restoration work.

Jared Day
Class of 2009

Bachelor’s of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology

Jared Day is a Precision Agriculture Specialist at the John Deere Company.

I lead the development and delivery of marketing, sales, and agronomic solution implementation to company employees, dealer-channel partners and customers on specific products that support a farming system such as agronomics, process and product information to help sustain a successful farming system.

Kayla Kassa
Class of 2019

Masters in Biological Engineering

Kayla Kassa is a Junior Hydraulic Engineer for Northwest Hydraulic Consultants.

We are a company that develops innovative and effective solutions to protect, manage, and develop water resources around the world. I currently am tasked with a combination of field work, data analysis, 1D and 2D hydraulic and sediment modeling, and report writing for stream restoration and dam removal projects in WA, OR and CA.