The NC State brick in an elevator at Talley. Photo by Marc Hall

Congratulations to Chrissie Shepard and Tim Seaboch

Congratulations to Chrissie Shepard and Tim Seaboch on their retirements! The two longtime members of the department will be celebrated for their many years of service to the college, university and the department. Their enthusiasm for their work and BAE will be missed but they will always be part of the BAE Pack.


Christina Shepard


Chrissie Shepard has been with the department since 2008 after starting in a temporary position. During her time in BAE as the training and event coordinator for professional workshops and conferences, she worked to plan and coordinate countless events and programs such as the EcoStream conference, stream restoration workshops and more. She also provided administrative assistance for the extension department in BAE.




Timithoy Seaboch


Tim Seaboch┬áhas been working in the department since 1985 after receiving his bachelor’s degree in agricultural education and biological and agricultural engineering technology. He then earned his masters in agricultural education. Seaboch was hired as a research technician in 1985 and became a lecturer in March 2001, later named a senior lecturer in 2017.