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Senior Design 2019

Each year biological engineering students take on BAE Senior Design.

The idea behind the Senior Design Program is simple: Learn by doing.

That concept has driven the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) program for more than 50 years – and has produced results that have benefited industry, local government and communities across the state.

A requirement for all graduating seniors, the Senior Design Program kicks off in the fall semester and runs through the spring. The students work independently, forming their own teams, choosing their projects, sourcing materials and building solutions. Students have access to their faculty mentor, their industry sponsor, and an advisory mentor as well as any other faculty or student in the department that might be able to provide insight.

Much like every year, the 2019 project range in topics from mobile shellfish hatcheries to creating a GPS-enabled precision seeder to beautify North Carolina’s highways.

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Digital Classroom & Well Monitoring

Digital Classroom & Well Monitoring

Akira Romero-Berube, Emma Thomas, Sindy Huang, Jessica Conner

Treatment of Brewery Wastewater: An Ecological Approach

Connor Brown, Sarah Turner, Alisha Hudson, Richard Wright

TYE No-Till Drill Seed Meter Redesign

Ethan Green, Garrett Fussell, Ben Malinda

 Postharvest Handling of Chopped Biomass
Feedstocks through Densification for Long
Term Storage

Carrie Sanford, Lucas Mitchell, Hannah Monroe

Design of a Marine Aquaculture Feedwater
Transfer System

Noah Chomsky, Samuel Tracy, Kaitlin Perkins

River Restoration: Facilitating Small Fish Passage

Andrew Yount, William Sally, Colleen Ferguson, Carmen Tormey, Samanual Martin

Precision Seeders

Ryan Jackson, Ryan Phillips, Ben Foote, Sam Beavans

Modified JET Erosion Test

Ryder Fair, Benjamin Tan, William McCarrick, McMullen

Optimized Shellfish Hatchery

Russel Smith, Justin Traenkle, James Edwards, Nathaniel Eddy

Photovoltaic Installments in Agricultural Settings

Rushi Atluri, Davis Hudson, Benjamin Branzelle, Garrison Fratoni