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New Position: Lecturer in Biological Engineering and Biological & Agricultural Engineering Technology

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) seeks a full-time Lecturer to teach several key courses for the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology (BAET) program and also support other BAE faculty with laboratory setup and management for other laboratory instruction within the department. Courses to be taught could include (but are not limited to) electricity and electronics and shop processes and management.

The position will be expected to assist with setting up indoor and outdoor laboratories for other courses across the Biological Engineering (BE) and BAET curriculum as well. At a minimum, assistance will be expected in geomatics, hydrology, and agricultural water management, pending available time relative to other course requirements.

This is a 9-month appointment and it is anticipated that, during summer months, this position could choose to assist with both laboratory-based and field-based research and education projects throughout the department, supplemented by additional salary as appropriate.

Anticipated start date for this position is January 2019.


Non-tenure track lecturer in Biological Engineering and Biological & Agricultural Engineering Technology: