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Graduate Student of the Week: Hossam Moursi

Where are you from?


Previous degrees:

M.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University, USA, 2016.

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at Fayoum University, Egypt, 2009.

Who is your adviser and what are you studying?

Dr. Mohamed Youssef, I am working on a PhD in Agricultural Drainage Water Recycling.

What first made you interested in this field?

Finding new effective strategies for improving water resources management to mitigate water deficit stress and improve water quality is a crucial issue. Drainage water reuse is one of these strategies that need more discussions and research, especially in the regions that have water scarcity problems.

What do you like most about the department?

The warm environment and friendly professors and students.

What is a little known fact about you?

I still like backing up stuff by emailing myself