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Departmental R Seminar

François Birgand will host a departmental seminar on R.

During his sabbatical leave last year, he had the luxury to invest some time into tools and techniques that are a help for reproducible research. I want to talk about the R software.

“After conversing with many of you, there is obvious interest in the department,” Birgand notes. “I am offering a workshop/seminar on the tools I have come to learn, and hopefully this could be helpful to you as well.”


Writing scientific articles, books, and websites in R: an intro to reproducible research

When: Monday December 17, 2018, 3:30-5:00 pm

Where: Room 125

Bring your laptop

If you do not have R studio, yet, go to, and click ‘Download RStudio’. On choose your version, choose the ‘RStudio Desktop open source License – FREE’ (first column), and then choose the installer corresponding to your operating system.

If you do not have a Github account, go to https://www.github.comand signup.

If you have any questions before the seminar, please contact Birgand.