BAE Photo Wins Envisioning Research Contest

Researchers seek to expand our understanding of the world around us, and it should come as no surprise that this process of discovery yields incredible images. Sometimes, as is the case with seeds that look like alien eggs, these images can highlight the mystery of the natural world even as they yield new insights. And sometimes, as is the case with a gorgeous shot of where the river meets the sea, these images are also beautiful.

The winners of this year’s Envisioning Research contest demonstrate the many ways that NC State’s research community offer new perspectives on our world. The contest is a collaborative effort by NC State’s Office of Research and Innovation, Graduate School, University Communications, College of Sciences, and NCSU Libraries. Envisioning Research was open to faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

A complete list of winners, runners-up and honorable mentions is below. You can see high-res versions of each entry, as well as captions about each image, by clicking on a winning entry’s name. A slideshow of all the winners and runners-up can be found on Flickr.