state section meeting

BAE Hosts NC ASABE Section Meeting

The North Carolina American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) State Section Meeting brought together students, staff, faculty, industry and government representatives from across the state. The meeting was sponsored by Custom Controls Unlimited and Benchmark Tool and Supply, Inc.

Speakers from NC State University, North Carolina A&T State University, the NC Department of Environmental Quality, Hazen and Sawyer, PrecisionHawk and Cavanaugh and Associates presented on recent projects and topics related to the field.

Updates from NC State and NC A& T ASABE student clubs were given as well as updates from Pack Pullers, Alpha Epsilon and the NC State BAE Graduate Student Association.

The research poster session was held in conjunction with the ASABE student career fair right here in Weaver Labs. Employers seeking BAE graduates included:

  • Benchmark Tool & Supply, Inc.
  • Custom Control Unlimited Inc.
  • Livingston and Haven
  • McAdams Company
  • Hazen and Sawyer
  • WK Dickson
  • Wildlands Engineering, Inc.
  • Hog Slat, Inc.
  • Morris & Associates
  • Reynolds American, Inc.
  • NCDOTL Roadside Environmental Unit
  • SEPI Construction & Engineering
  • McKim & Creed

Graduate presenters included:

  • Application of Satellite, Unmanned Aircraft System, and Ground-Based Sensor Data for Precision Agriculture: A Review
    • Josh Rudd, Gary Roberson
  • Windbreak Wall-Vegetative Strip System to Reduce Pollutant Emissions from Tunnel-Ventilated Barns
    • Ali Ajami, Sanjay Shah
  • Improved Ammonia Emission Inventory for Animal Feeding Operations in NC
    • Yijia Zhao, Sanjay Shah, Nicholas Meskhidze, Joe Guinness, Lingjuan Wang-Li
  • Urea Preservation for Nitrogen Recovery through Urease Inhibition in Swine UrineĀ 
    • Alison Deviney, John Classen, Mark Rice
  • Hydrothermal Carbonization of Swine Manure for Hydrochar Production
    • Zachary Lentz, John Classen, Praveen Kolar
  • Spatial Variability in Estuarine Vulnerability to Natural and Human Pressures Across the Southeast USA
    • Lise Montefiore, Natalie Nelson
  • Investigating the Relationship Between Applied Shear Stress and Erosion Rate of Cohesive Soils Using JETs
    • Lucie Guertault, Katie Wardinski, Celso Castro Bolinaga, Garey Fox
  • Urban Stormwater Management with Suspended Pavement Systems
    • Simon Gregg, Bill Hunt
  • Bioswale Design Optimization for Enhanced Application and Pollutant Removal
    • Rebecca Purvis, Bill Hunt
  • Spatial and Temporal Variations of Atmospheric Chemical Condition in the Southeastern U.S.
    • Bin Cheng, Lingjuan Wang-Li, John Classen, Nicholas Meskhidze, Peter Bloomfield