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Graduate Student of the Week: Kayla Kassa

Sandpoint, ID

Previous degrees?
Civil Engineering at Gonzaga University

Who is your adviser and what are you studying?
I am studying Bank Erosion and Sediment Transport in Stream Restoration Assessment with Dr. Castro-Bolinaga.

What first made you interested in this field?
I mean I have always enjoyed playing in the dirt or the river, but my interest in bank erosion and sediment transport began with my summer in Stillwater, OK studying under Dr. Fox for an REU.

What do you like most about BAE, the department, Weaver labs?
I really like how inviting people are and how it is already starting to feel like my new home. The courses are interesting and the faculty are really helpful.

What is a little known fact about you?
I love to take out my sketchbook and draw. It is a great way to take my mind off of everything that is going on around me.